Chamberlain Group’s myQ Connections at CES 2018

Chamberlain Group (CGI), a market leader in access control solutions, continues to lead the smart home integration market with its myQ®-enabled products. This week at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), CGI will unveil the future of myQ through a curated exploration of new products, partnerships and technologies.

As the most used entrance to the home, the average homeowner interacts with their garage door opener multiple times a day. Guided by consumer needs and feedback since introducing myQ six years ago, CGI continues to deliver innovative solutions to connect people with what matters most—home, auto and lifestyle. Every day CGI enables consumers to do more; open more doors, turn on more lights, know who’s coming, and going, anytime, on the go, in the car, on their terms, delivering peace-of-mind, safety and security.

“Our investment in home connectivity adds smart solutions to everyday interactions with the main entrance to your home,” said JoAnna Sohovich, CEO of CGI.

CGI has led the industry in establishing strategic partnerships with multiple category innovators within the IoT space—Google, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Nest®, Xfinity™, Wink™ and more, providing quality solutions to their customers. The company’s support of these partners increases the usability and value of the leading connected-home ecosystems by delivering new levels of convenience and control to consumers.

“Our customers want the flexibility of integrating with the solutions that make sense in their busy lives,” said Sohovich. “The integration of myQ in the car is another step in offering a seamless experience to homeowners.”

Following are the CES updates to several of these initiatives:

AUTOMOTIVE PARTNERSHIPS Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., manufacturer of premium in-vehicle infotainment systems, partnered with Chamberlain Group October of last year. The partnership allows Alpine to offer products that are connected through the IoT by having myQ controlled through the Alpine Connect smartphone app for owners of select navigation systems. Further exciting announcements on our partnership will be made later this week.

Tesla drivers will soon have convenient, touchscreen access to the myQ® smart-home features. CGI is announcing a new partnership with EVE (Evolved Vehicle Environments), makers of the EVE for Tesla in-dash touchscreen experience, to deliver in-vehicle smart-home capabilities in the new EVEConnect release scheduled for availability later this quarter. Including myQ technology in EVEConnect’s premium membership allows Tesla owners with myQ-enabled Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers to conveniently monitor and control their garage door from anywhere as well as receiving a prompt to open their garage door when their vehicle enters a predetermined geofenced area.

NEW FROM LIFTMASTER – LiftMaster 8500W is the ultimate garage access solution, designed to optimize space.

According to a recent Business Insider survey, 64% of Americans are unsatisfied with the amount of storage space in their home, while the U.S. Department of Energy reports that 25% of households with 2-car garages don’t have room to park cars in them. To help consumers gain more space in their garage and conquer clutter, LiftMaster, the number one brand of professionally installed garage door openers, introduces the new LiftMaster 8500W DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi® Residential Garage Door Opener. The 8500W, which mounts alongside of the garage door rather than on the ceiling, features a space-saving design which opens up the garage ceiling for storage, as well as other possibilities.

In addition to its space-saving design, the 8500W offers homeowners unparalleled security and convenience. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to connect the opener to the myQ app, allowing users to receive alerts and open and close their garage door from anywhere with a smartphone or internet-connected device. Homeowners will also appreciate the included myQ Remote LED Light (Model 827LM) – also controllable with the myQ app – which can be placed anywhere in the garage, providing bright, maintenance-free illumination without having to change a light bulb. Additional myQ Remote LED Lights can be used for an even brighter garage.

Chamberlain Group will be unveiling the future of myQ at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2018 to demonstrate its new products and partnership roadmap in private suites at the Venetian Hotel. For the duration of the show, and will be offering discount promotions on select products—myQ Smart Garage Hub, myQ Home Bridge and the myQ Remote LED Light.

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