Rob Marais, Executive Vice President & Managing Director

Rob Marais is Chamberlain Group’s Managing Director for Chamberlain Group’s International Business, leading teams in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEAA), as well as in Australia and New Zealand (Oceania).​

Rob has over 20 years of general management experience with multi-national companies in various international markets. Before joining Chamberlain Group, he led Ozito in Australia and New Zealand and prior to that lead Whirlpool and a listed entity on the South African stock exchange—Amalgamated Appliances in South Africa. Prior to those roles, he had various senior sales and marketing management positions with Nestle, Smith & Nephew and Gillette in South Africa.  

Rob holds a B.A. in Marketing and an MBA from Wits University.​

Rob is married to Sue and has two boys. He has played international field hockey and plays scratch golf.​

Rob continues to help nurture sporting & leadership talent through the various mentoring roles he has outside Chamberlain. Rob lives in Melbourne Australia & has a passion for the outdoors.